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Electric bikes

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Electric bicycles

Pedaling a bicycle is good for your health. But it's not always convenient. Especially if you are in a hurry. Ride a moped quickly. But it’s not always profitable and certainly not environmentally friendly. Fortunately, there is a device that combines the best features of a bicycle and a moped. A nimble and lightweight electric bicycle is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional modes of transport. And it is suitable not only for leisurely trips, but also for long rides in a metropolis or even rough terrain.

Eco-friendly travel to a new level: the benefits of electric bicycles

By buying a bicycle with an electric motor, you get reliable transport not only for short walks, but also for long trips. It is a mistake to think that you can buy an electric bike only for walking around the city. Modern models can cope with rough terrain, just choose a more powerful unit and larger diameter wheels.

An electric bicycle has several advantages.

  1. No fuel costs. Buying an eco-bike is profitable, because charging with electricity is cheaper than buying fuel. You don't need to urgently look for the nearest gas station. A 220 V socket is sufficient.
  2. Environmental friendliness. No air pollution. Zero carbon emissions.
  3. Lightweight and small in size. Unlike a standard moped or scooter, an electric bike weighs lighter. For example, SKYBIKE 3-CYCL 350W weighs only 50 kg and has dimensions of 165x70x100 cm. Those who have limited storage space should purchase an electric bicycle - it is compact and will fit in a closet or vestibule.
  4. Easy to use. The operating principle of an electric bike is similar to a regular bicycle. Charging is done from a standard outlet. Charging time varies depending on the model and takes on average 6-8 hours.

Additionally, the package includes lighting and a footrest for comfortable and safe trips. Modern devices are equipped with an LED display and alarm.

Electric bicycles: a modern look at comfortable movement

For trips around the city, active recreation and as a replacement for public transport, you can buy an electric bicycle in Ukraine at competitive prices in the Etsenergy store. To choose the model that suits your needs, consider the characteristics of the product.

  1. Engine power. The value affects the speed, maximum load and range. The more powerful the engine, the more kilometers the device can travel and, accordingly, the device can accelerate at higher speeds. It is not necessary to buy the most powerful option. Analyze your needs first and then make a choice.
  2. Stock to go. The parameter indicates how long the electric bike will travel without recharging . The value ranges from 35-85 km.
  3. Maximum speed. Fans of measured trips should buy a model that accelerates to 25 km/h. If you prefer speed, there are faster options that can cover 45 km in 1 hour.
  4. Maximum load. Depending on the configuration, you can buy an electric bicycle that can withstand 100-140 kg of weight. Such transport is used not only for transporting passengers, but also for transporting goods, especially if the equipment is supplemented with spacious baskets for food and other cargo.

The assortment of the Etsenergy store allows you to buy an electric bicycle in Kiev, as well as any city in Ukraine at competitive prices. Products from the CARGO, Gofun and SKYBIKE brands are distinguished by 100% build quality and durability. Consultants will tell you which model will suit your requirements so that you can appreciate the benefits of this eco-friendly transport .

Selection and technical characteristics of electric bicycles

An electric bicycle is not only an environmentally friendly, but also a reliable means of transportation that can completely replace public transport (especially during rush hour). Now you can buy eco-bikes with different technical parameters, in accordance with your individual needs.

When choosing eco-transport , pay attention to its “heart” – the engine. More precisely, its power. The speed at which eco-transport can accelerate directly depends on the power . If you like leisurely cycling and are buying an eco-bike exclusively for smooth city roads, you can choose a 350 W motor that accelerates to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Fans of fast driving need a more powerful vehicle - it can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h.

Before buying an electric bike, pay attention to such characteristics as battery capacity. The amount of energy that the battery can accumulate directly depends on this parameter. The more energy, the longer the trip duration (range). If you decide to buy an eco-vehicle to cover long routes, then choose a model with the most capacious battery. Note that the quality of the road surface also affects the range. The rougher the road, the more battery is wasted. For roads with holes and potholes, it is worth buying electric vehicles with large diameter wheels. For smooth asphalt, smaller wheels are suitable.

Tips for safety and care of an electric bike

A bicycle with an electric motor is a full-fledged participant in road traffic. Having decided to buy an electric bicycle in Ukraine, many people wonder whether they need to obtain a license for it. The answer is simple: a license is not needed if the engine power does not exceed 3 kW. Since the power of most ecobikes does not exceed 1 kW, a license will not be needed. However, for safe driving you must follow these recommendations.

  • Read the traffic rules carefully. When driving on the highway, you must clearly know all the rules, including road signs. Also remember that riding on footpaths and sidewalks is prohibited.
  • An eco-bike is a compact vehicle that can travel everywhere, even between cars. But there is no need to be reckless. Especially in busy traffic.
  • Protect your head, elbows, knees. To do this, you should buy a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. It's better to be safe than to get injured due to a fall.
  • Check the presence and serviceability of headlights, as well as reflective elements on eco-vehicles . Now you can buy an electric bicycle with the necessary lighting for safe riding during the day and at night.

For an eco-bike to last longer, you need to charge it correctly. Charging is carried out with the engine not running from a 220 V network. A household outlet is used. The drive does not need to be disconnected from the vehicle. Charge the battery until it is fully charged without overexposure. The charging time for each model is indicated in the specifications.

Etsenergy online store . Store the device in a dry place, protected from moisture. Periodically clean the vehicle from dirt and dust. This can be done with a soft, damp cloth without the use of harsh chemicals. High pressure washing is contraindicated because... may damage the device. The eco-bike ’s engine is wear-resistant and does not require special maintenance. The only thing is to protect the engine from dirt and sand. Don't forget to check the condition of your brakes and replace the brake pads.

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